Babies Are Dying from Cancer

For whatever reason, I was drawn to follow a young babies struggles with childhood cancer.  I’m not naive, but I never gave it much thought about a 2 year old child could have cancer.  Boy was I in for a great eyeopening.  Not only could a 2 year old have cancer, but 2 month old babies and kids anywhere from 2 months up to adulthood.

Cannon Wiggins is the young boy I started following, and his family had founded an organization call Cannonballing Cancer.  Cannon was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on April 19, 2013.  Within the next several months, Cannon was put through several rounds of Chemotherapy, two biopsy surgeries, a 13 hour surgery to resect his primary tumor, two stem cell transplants and radiation.  What a fighter.  So I started praying for Cannon.

These kids are going through treatment that was meant for adults, not children.  There is little research done to find a cure for children’s cancer, yet everyday, four kids will die from cancer and 36 new children will be diagnosed.  The average age at death is 8 years old.  Five billion dollars is budgeted for cancer research, of which less than 4% is for child cancer research.

Then within a few weeks I started running across more and more children with all sorts of maladies.  Cancers, heart problems, kidney, liver, and just about any other organ.  And, I have started following and praying for them as well.  It is so sad to see how many kids have Facebook pages that bring their causes to the public.  Thousands of cases.  It’s breaking my heart.

Mumbles says,

Please join me in praying for all children with terminal diseases and for their families and friends.

God Bless and Thank you!