We have to love one another

Jesus gave us the eleventh commandment where at the last supper he told his disciples to love one another as he loved them.  That was said  for you and I too.  The problem, we haven’t listened.

Look it’s not that hard.  If we would look at each other as individuals, and rather than as an ethnic group, or religious group or what have you, it’s not that tough.  If I see you as Henry my friend and not as an African-American, then I only have to judge you as to how you treat me, no how the whole African-American group.

No one person makes up a race, creed or color or religious group, that’s not possible.  But I can look at you as and individual, a single person and we can get along famously.

Mumbles says:  It not a group, I’m a person… and so are you.

God’s peace!