Death of a Friend

The toughest thing about getting old is losing friend who died to soon.  I know it’s a fact of life and I know for deceased, it’s  a good deal.  But for those of us that are left behind… it’s just sad..

My friend Tom Lacaze died today, he left us in his sleep (the way most of us would like go), at least that’s how I would like to go.  Tom was a Shipmate of mine, we were stationed together in New Orleans at the Naval Reserve Recruiting Headquarters.  Tom was my boss.  Tom was my superior, he was a Master Chief, and I was a First Class Petty Officer. We didn’t party together, we didn’t go out with our wives to dine or see a movie or a night of revelry.

I had great respect for Tom, he knew is job better than most, and as the National Chief Recruiter, he was outstanding.  Like anyone else, Tom had his detractors, but most everyone I knew respected him.

I talked to Tom just this week, and he sounded a little rugged, but that was to be expected considering he was recovering from hip surgery and then developed some sort of respiratory problem.  From the time we talked until the time he died, was a very short time.

I am going to miss my friend Tom.  I pray for his family and all of his friends.  I pray God will comfort his wife Mary as she grieves for Tom.  I hope she takes comfort in the knowledge of the gift of Easter.

This should also serve as a notice to us all that we should always ensure we love our family and friends; but also tell them that we love them.

So to my wife, my children and their families, my brothers and  their families and for all my friends, relatives, Shipmates and even my enemies and strangers, I love you all and I pray for the good Lord to Bless and Keep you all safe and know that you are loved.

Mumbles says,  God Loves you, Jesus Loves you and I love you too.

God rest Tom’s soul.  God’s peace to each and everyone of you!!!