Just say thank you

How many times have you called upon Jesus to help you or save you from one of life’s little surprises?.  How many times has He responded affirmatively to your  prayer?  How many times did you remember to praise Him for what He has done for you?

For those times that you forgot to say thank you, you were taking God for granted; something way to many of us do.  I mean how difficult can it be to just say “Thank you Lord”?  Three little words, yet so many times left unsaid.

Here’s another thought… how many times did you think you solved your problem on your own and so you didn’t bother to say thanks?  Think about that for a second.  How many times?  How many times did your problem just go away on its own so again no appreciation shown to the One who just made that problem disappear?

I can tell you that I have done all of the above more times than I  can or care to count.

It is so sad that  we are so blessed, by a God that loves us so very much; and we don’t even take the time to acknowledge the gift of answered prayers.  I can tell you that I am embarrassed to admit it, but I am guilty, but I am making an effort to be more appreciative for all my gifts.

Mumbles says:  It’s just three words, what can it hurt to say them.  Thank You Lord!

God’s Peace!